About Me

Michael's music journey has taken him down many
paths, including the lead singer and guitarist in
general business bands, rock bands, heavy metal bands,
then into liturgical music, Christian praise & worship, folk
instrumentals, and full circle to his love of country music.
Michael also taught music to children grades pre-k
through 8 at St. Elizabeth Seton Academy.

He is currently working on a folk instrumental CD
themed to accompany his wife's "Hallowed Hill" stories.
He is also performing with his old friend, Don Morse,
in a classic rock- singer/songwriter duo.
And he is working on a songwriting project for
his oldest daughter, also a vocalist.
His number one committment continues to be "singing to God".
And his fulltime job is as a parish music director.
His previous CD's include:
"Songs For The Journey"
"Keeping It Simple"