Backyard Jamming...

Having some fun with a song she loves.

Father/Daughter Time...

I've been working on some music with my favorite 12 year old.
She's very talented. It kind of scares me. I want her to stay my girl forever,
but she was born ready to fly. I guess the next best thing to keeping her here
beside me forever is to help her grow in to just the right wings.

Just got a new camera to record her in our next session.
I think the highest compliment Hannah could ever recieve, she
got the other night when she was singing with her older sister,
Sarah just looked at her when they finished and said, "You suck".
Hannah smiled from ear to ear.


Sometimes, an idea comes like a bolt of lightning. Sometimes, like a whisper. Sometimes, just being content, can release a tune that's been waiting there all along, for you to simply notice it:) The most familiar chord, played in a different way, can be most enlightening. So comes new music.


Love this stuff!

Stumbled across these guys looking for venues, and was blown away. Give them a listen, go see them when they're near you, buy a CD! Their name is Brother Sun.

The circle of life is an interesting thing. I recently started working on a project with an old friend who was a band mate in my early teens. Our different paths have led to similar crossroads. We're both doing our best to be men of faith and lead our families, which are both large by today's standards. Our kids are all involved in music as well. I'm hoping we can add some gigs that involve the kids every now and then.

We're working on a few classic rock; singer/songwriter sets. It's been fun playing some of the old songs again. Definately a different style than what I've been playing for over a decade.

Writing some songs for my daughter too. Gotta get that girl away from the drudges of car sales, and back performing where she belongs. My wife would say I will never think anyone or anything is good enough for our girl. And she'd be right...

God Bless,